Gran Alacant – the small town with a great view

Between Alicante and Santa Polais Gran Alacant who have grown up and become a popular area among both tourists and locals.

Gran Alacant is located only 20 minutes from Alicante city center and has everything one could ask for. Within walking distance you will find restaurants, grocery stores and beaches. The airport takes about 10 minutes.

The beaches near Gran Alacant is very beautiful with almost untouched sand dunes, pine woods and is about 7 km long. The road on the seaside between Gran Alacant and Santa Pola is worth Sunday walks or day trips to many small “private” beaches and cliffs to swim and fish from.

Many families also enjoy Sunday lunch out in the sun and spend the whole afternoon on the beach, each with a deck chair parked along the seafront or in any shady trees.

At the beach you will also find a center for kite and windsurfers where they spend a lot of time. Gran Alacant is also para gliders paradise with a proper ridge along the ocean which often gives the right wind conditions.

The long road along the sea between Gran Alacant and Santa Pola is also a popular area for cyclists, joggers and other exercisers. In the summer installs a number of temporary beach bars along the seafront – style chill out – and they usually do not turn off until it is time to reopen ahead dawn.

If you long for city life, Alicante and Elche with its wide range of services are just around the corner. You can easily access Alicante by car along the coastal road N332 or by bus that traffic frequently. Alicante area is also known for its good food and fine vineyards that offer wine tasting. If you drive south towards Elche you will also find a great shopping selection of shoes and handbags.

The nearest golf course is about 15 minutes drive away.

In Gran Alacant there are since a few years back nice shopping centers that satisfy both playful children and hungry parents.