Avoid traffic jams during Easter.

During the Easter holiday it is expected 14,5 million trips to take place on the roads in Spain. Traffic congestions are expected in the whole country and to be worst in Andalusia and on the eastern coast. You can avoid traffic jams by avoiding the worst hours on the roads.

According to the prognosis by DGT (Dirección General de Trafico) the worst hours are:
Wednesday 23 march 17.00-23.00.
Thursday 09.00-15.00.
Friday 12.00-14.00.
Saturday 20.00-22.00
Sunday 12.00-23.00
Monday 12.00-21.00

You can also follow the traffic situation in Spain on-line by clicking here.

There will be increased survailance during Easter and more than 10.000 agents from Guardia Civil will be engaged in controlling speeding, alcohol and drugs.